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The Mi’kmaq Association for Cultural Studies MACS is a not-for-profit organization representing the interests of Nova Scotia’s 13 First Nation communities. Founded in 1973, its mandate is to promote and preserve Mi’kmaq culture. A Board of Directors, comprised of the 13 chiefs or their designates meets at least four times a year.

The specific objectives of MACS are:

  • To promote, maintain and protect the customs, language, history, tradition and culture of the Mi’kmaq people.
  • To facilitate and promote understanding and awareness of the cultural heritage of Mi’kmaq people through education.
  • To teach, develop and promote the culture, language and history of native peoples of Nova Scotia, Canada and elsewhere around the world.
  • To develop methods, processes, programs and funding by which MACS’s objectives can be met.

Recent activities undertaken by MACS include:

  • Organization of the Grand Chief Membertou 400 Celebrations
  • Liaison for Royal Visit to Cultural Village
  • Lead agency for planning Treaty Day activities
  • Coordinated Mi’kmaq artisans involved in Vancouver Olympics
  • Participation in United Nations Indigenous Forum
  • Assistance with the World Canoe Championships, Lake Banook,
  • Commissioned Aboriginal Cultural Tourism Strategy